who we are

Established in 1967 by the current Administrator Franco Zambiasi as a factory of walking sticks and ice axes, over the years it has evolved, producing souvenirs and hand-decorated Tyrolean articles, with a strong market in the tourist areas and with an equally strong export in the German and Northern European markets.

Always in search of novelties, in 1975 it was among the first Italian companies in the sector to open up to Asian markets, importing from Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines and, as soon as the borders were opened, from China, encountering the many commercial and logistical difficulties of that time.

The companies that work for us are carefully selected and do not employ child labor. Our items are made on original designs, finished by hand, and the production is constantly checked to ensure high quality and safety standards that we always want to offer to our customers.

In 1980 the sole proprietorship was transformed into Zambiasi s.r.l. with the construction of the current headquarters of over 4,000 square meters in the industrial area of ​​Lavis.

In 1990 the current Zambiasi Commerciale s.r.l. was established, maintaining the same corporate purpose and further increasing the area of ​​the headquarters.

We are proud of the results obtained thanks to our commitment and, above all, thanks to our loyal customers, who follow us relying on the seriousness that has always distinguished us and that it is our firm intention to maintain over time.